100% of Chainlink Addresses Are Currently in Profit


The recent Chainlink (LINK) rally has led to some unconventional results — 100% of its supply is “in the money” or profitable.

This metric simply represents a comparison between the asset’s current price and the price at which it was acquired. If the current price is higher, then it is “in the money”, if it is lower, then it is “out of the money”, and if it is the same, then it is “at the money”.

Percent of Chainlink supply in/out of the money

Percent of Chainlink supply in/out of the money. Source: IntoTheBlock.

Litecoin — 47%, Bitcoin — 90%

According to an intelligence company IntoTheBlock, currently, the entire supply of the LINK token is ‘in the money’. For reference, about 90% of Bitcoin (BTC) supply is currently in the money and only 47% of Litecoin’s (LTC).

The question is, how can 100% of addresses be ‘in the money’ at the same time? This is highly unusual for any asset and is only partly explained by the parabolic rise of the asset. Every trade needs a buyer and a seller, so in theory some addresses should be ‘at the money’.

It’s possible the price was bid up on exchanges without any getting withdrawn to a wallet before the snapshot was taken. Alternatively, the proportion of addresses not ‘in the money’ at this time may be very small and rounded off to zero. Another theory suggested on social media is that previous LINK purchasers (LINK marines) were the ones who pushed the coin to a new ATH, but as these addresses had bought previously, their average purchase price would be lower than the current price, pushing the address into profit.  We’ve asked IntoTheBlock for an explanation and will update this story when we hear back.

Chainlink’s bull run is easier to explain. It has announced a number of key partnerships, integrations and milestones. Also, the project just announced a grant program that will be awarding funds to projects that will help usher in the era when smart contracts become “the dominant form of digital agreement”.

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